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If you're looking for a random cabin assignment, please comment here with the name of the character to be assigned and their journal. Please note that IC assignments only happen once a month, so if you're looking for something quicker, please go make a note on the general cabin list.

IRC Guide

Jan. 27th, 2012 11:33 pm
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CFUD's OOC chatroom (called a channel) is on the IRC network. From cast channels to one giant game channel that never sleeps, it serves as a very useful way to keep in contact with the game, and to partake in some fun chit-chat and get to know your fellow players.

If you're confused about how IRC works, we have a handy-dandy guide for you.

Guide to IRC )
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A more detailed explanation of Camp's various landmarks and destinations. Details on the setting itself can be found here. Below are generalities that hold true no matter where CFUD might move next.

etc.  )
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Camper app

Counselor app

Character Stats/Permissions

Player Info Meme (There are different versions of this, I rewrote one from different ones.)

Dropping/SOTU Meme (I've seen a lot of formats with this, I'm using one I think looks cleaner.)

Icon Meme


Mar. 13th, 2006 06:28 pm
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player r u l e s )

- edited April 2015; clean up and clarification.
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Hello visitors, and welcome to [community profile] cfud! Our fourth wall event is from Friday, August 3rd through Monday, August 6th. Everyone is welcome! You do not need to join the [community profile] cfud community to play in this event — just comment.

- Please only tag posts that opt in to the event. If a post has an OOC note on it saying that fourth wall is welcome, go wild! We will try to always have a post open, be it by [personal profile] fu_noobspeaker, [personal profile] fuckyousoleil, or [personal profile] fu_chorus. We're very much a freeform game, though, so you can tag the post itself or anyone within the post. It's cool!

If you've never played in CFUD before — camp itself is a free form game. You can comment to a post! You can also comment to other people in the post. We welcome it and encourage it! Go nuts! The only playing restraint is that, again, we ask that you stick to the posts that opt in to this event.

- If you used to play a character in the game, you are welcome to play your old character in this event. With memories intact! All that we ask is that if the character has since been reapped, please contact the current player to discuss how to handle things regarding camp memories and whatnot.

- On that note, aaaaanyone is welcome. Bring in a character you play in another game! Or one you mess around with in a musebox! Or even a character you haven't tried in the past! All are welcome. We only ask that everyone keep in mind that if there are any issues with characterization, please take it to HMDs or e-mail if you need to. This is a silly event that's for fun!

- Be respectful, please. You know, the usual — be chill, no god-moding, etc. We're running on a zero tolerance policy for this event, so if we receive complaints, we will have to take action, and that would be a bummer. And CFUD is a bummer-free zone, okay.

- Sex is banned from the game. Both OOCly and ICly! Anyone who attempts it turns into a small, fuzzy animal. It doesn't work. There is no putting it in. Sorry, bros — you are cockblocked for the duration of your stay. :(d

- Because our application system is anonymous, if you think you may app, try to keep that under your hat. We're just asking that everyone be chill and use their own discretion and whatnot!

Information about the IC setting can be found here, and there's more information about CFUD in general in its userinfo. ♥


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